SHENC - Shear flow regulation of HEmostasis -
bridging the gap between Nanomechanics and Clinical presentation

Research of SHENC focuses on “von Willebrand factor” (VWF), a key protein in a force sensing cascade triggering primary hemostasis. Aim of the research group is to unravel the regulatory role of shear stress in the maintenance of the sensitive equilibrium of VWF activation, VWF-mediated adhesion, and its degradation in primary hemostasis.

Twelve laboratories in Germany and Austria will combine their medical and physiological expertise and use experimental and theoretical biophysics as well as novel micro- and nanotechnologies to establish a coherent picture that relates molecular structure, nano-mechanical properties and clinical presentation.

Understanding the co-action of the different functional and structural control mechanisms in the VWF system will allow to identifying and modulate critical steps in primary hemostasis for intervention in pathological conditions and new diagnostic approaches.


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